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Kyle Lowry Heads to the Philadelphia 76ers: A Positive Move, But How Will Minutes be Distributed?


Feb 11, 2024
Kyle Lowry signs with 76ers following buyout from Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets have announced the buyout of Kyle Lowry, who is set to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers once he clears waivers. This move was anticipated by many and has now been officially confirmed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Lowry, who averaged 8.2 points and four assists a game this season for the Miami Heat, still possesses the ability to draw charges. However, he has fallen out of the rotation under coach Erik Spoelstra. The trade to the Hornets as part of the Terry Rozier deal was expected to result in a buyout and a move to Philadelphia.

In Philly, Lowry will serve as a veteran backup for Tyrese Maxey, alongside Cameron Payne. This move raises questions about how minutes will be divided between them under coach Nick Nurse. Lowry brings a championship pedigree to the Sixers and is known as a high-IQ player who contributes positively in the locker room. However, with his age of 37 and recent fall from the Heat’s rotation, there are concerns about his potential impact if relied upon too heavily.

The signing of Lowry gives the 76ers depth at point guard and adds another experienced option to their bench. With Maxey already established as their starting point guard, Lowry will likely take on a complementary role alongside him and Payne.

Overall, this move is seen as a positive one for both Lowry and the 76ers. Lowry gets a chance to return home and play for his hometown team while also adding another championship-level player to their roster.

The signing of Lowry also brings up questions about how minutes will be distributed among him, Maxey, and Payne in Nurse’s system. It remains to be seen how these three players will fit together on the court and how much playing time they will receive.

In conclusion, Kyle Lowry’s return to Philadelphia is an exciting development for both him and the 76ers. While there are some concerns about his impact given his age and recent fall from grace with Miami Heat’s rotation

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