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Largest Collective Dismissal Announcement in Six Years: Van Hool Restructuring in Lier

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 12, 2024
Largest Collective Dismissal Announcement in Six Years: Van Hool Restructuring in Lier

The announcement of the intention of collective dismissals at bus builder Van Hool in Koningshooikt is the largest in the private sector since the beginning of 2018. The management at Van Hool announced their intention to dismiss approximately 1,100 people over the next four years, with more than 800 jobs expected to disappear this year. This news follows other major announcements in recent years from companies such as Brussels Airlines, GSK, Match, Smatch, and Sappi, which also faced significant job cuts. Additionally, telecom company Proximus announced 1,900 threatened jobs in 2019, although it is not included in the statistics of the federal public service.

The announcement of an intention for collective dismissals initiates negotiations with the unions, in accordance with the Renault law. These negotiations often lead to a reduction in the number of dismissals, as was seen in the case of Carrefour where the final number of layoffs was reduced thanks to voluntary departures. It is a challenging time for employees facing potential job losses, and a crucial period for companies as they navigate through these restructuring processes.

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By Samantha Johnson

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