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Larsson in the Lead as Shiffrin Pursues in Last Run

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
Larsson in the Lead as Shiffrin Pursues in Last Run

On Saturday, March 16th in Saalbach, Austria, Anna Swenn Larsson from Sweden took the lead after the first run of the World Cup slalom, becoming the only woman not named Mikaela Shiffrin or Petra Vlhová to win a slalom this season. Skiing with bib 2 in warm salted snow, Larsson positioned herself for her fourth career victory. Meanwhile, Shiffrin, who already clinched the slalom title and had six victories this season, trailed Larsson by (+0.11) and was within reach of her 97th World Cup victory in the afternoon.

Croatia’s Zrinka Ljutic, ranked third after the first run (+0.67), was eager to end her season with a victory after earning three second-place finishes. Canadian skier Ali Nullmeyer, in fourth place after the first run (+0.91), was also aiming to make a mark. Stifel US Ski Team’s Paula Moltzan, the last North American to ski, performed well with bib 14, ranking 7th after the first run (+1.49).

The stage was set for an exciting showdown in the final afternoon run in Saalbach, with Larsson leading and Shiffrin close behind. The anticipation was high as fans and competitors prepared for an afternoon filled with adrenaline, drama, and memorable moments. As the world’s best skiers geared up to push their limits and chase their dreams, the atmosphere in the Austrian Alps was electric.

By Samantha Johnson

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