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Leslie Lab Community Science Update: Advancements in Marine Conservation Science

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 1, 2024
Leslie Lab Community Science Update: Advancements in Marine Conservation Science

This spring, we are conducting a community science project in collaboration with the Damariscotta-Newcastle Joint Shellfish Committee. The project involves hosting a series of focus group discussions to explore values and visions for the future of the Damariscotta River. Through these discussions, we aim to understand what community members value about the river and how they believe its use and perception may evolve in the future.

The information gathered from these discussions will be compiled and summarized for the Shellfish Committee and other interested parties. This data may help in planning for a more resilient and sustainable future for the Damariscotta River, benefiting both the environment and the people who depend on it. The research is financially supported by the US Department of Commerce, specifically through the NOAA Saltonstall-Kennedy Program.

For those interested in participating or who know someone who may be interested, please contact Sarah Risley at 207-558-3195. Your input and insights are valuable in shaping the future of the Damariscotta River and the communities that rely on it. More information about the project can be found on our website.

By Samantha Johnson

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