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Lincoln Business Faces Hiring Challenges Due to Low Unemployment Rate

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 31, 2024
Lincoln Business Faces Hiring Challenges Due to Low Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate in Lincoln, Nebraska has been below 4% for more than two years, marking the longest streak since the 1960s. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell attributes this to the economy’s growth over the past few years aligning with a strong job market. Pratik Ghimire, manager at The Oven, has found it challenging to hire new employees due to the competitive job market. Many businesses, including bars and restaurants, are facing the same problem of attracting and retaining workers.

At The Oven, Ghimire is constantly hiring and often employs UNL students. To compete with other businesses, he advertises job openings online, at the student union, and offers benefits such as free food and discounts to incentivize positions. Despite the challenges of hiring in a competitive market, Ghimire remains hopeful as the Lincoln job market continues to grow.

In February, the U.S. economy added over 270,000 jobs, providing opportunities for job seekers like Ghimire. He believes that as Lincoln continues to expand, finding a job will become easier for those in the community. Although the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges, Ghimire sees a bright future for job opportunities in Lincoln.

By Samantha Johnson

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