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LIVE: Coverage of Round 9 of Supercross from Birmingham

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 9, 2024
LIVE: Coverage of Round 9 of Supercross from Birmingham

Persistent rain in Birmingham on Friday led to a heavy track, but track maintenance was being done following each session to improve track conditions. By race time at 7 p.m. ET, the surface was expected to be in great shape for the competition.

With this being an inaugural race, riders were uncertain about the dirt composition for qualification, but they were eager to find out. In order to accommodate the soft dirt conditions, the whoops section was replaced with a set of four rollers to better fit the track.

In other news, Colt Nichols made a return to the competition with a top-10 finish in mind, while Hunter Lawrence was forced to sit out of the Birmingham race due to a scapula injury. Updates on injured riders, like Christian Craig, were shared on social media platforms.

The race in Birmingham had its fair share of exciting moments, with Hannah Hodges winning the first relaunched WMX race and Jett Lawrence emerging as a strong competitor. The competition was fierce, with Eli Tomac showcasing his dominance on the track.

As the competition continues in Birmingham and moves on to Daytona, riders like Adam Cianciarulo and Jeremy Martin will be making their return to the competition. Despite injuries like Austin Forkner’s spine and scapula injuries, riders are staying strong and providing updates on their recovery process.

By Samantha Johnson

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