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Local business owners disappointed by Kentucky’s premature departure from tournament

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 23, 2024
Local business owners disappointed by Kentucky’s premature departure from tournament

Kentucky fans were left disappointed after the team’s early departure from the NCAA tournament. The team lost to Oakland in the first round, with a final score of 80-76. Rick Paynter, co-owner of The Kentucky Shop and a longtime member of the Big Blue Nation, expressed in a social media video that Kentucky fans might need some support after the tough loss.

As a dedicated UK fan, Paynter noted that true fans stick with the team through the good times and the bad. However, the recent string of losses has left many fans feeling disheartened. With Kentucky’s record now at 1-4 in their last five NCAA tournament games, the disappointment among fans is palpable.

The impact of Kentucky’s early exit goes beyond disappointment for fans; local businesses also feel the effects. Establishments like Timmy Two Time’s rely on the influx of customers during tournament season. The Kentucky Shop sees sales of team merchandise affected by the team’s performance. Rick Paynter has even created a “March Sadness” shirt to acknowledge the disappointments of recent years.

Tim Mars, the owner of Timmy Two Time’s, lamented the impact of Kentucky’s loss on his business, noting the decrease in alcohol sales during game time. With the Cats out of the tournament, the anticipated boost in revenue from a championship run is now out of reach. Both Paynter and Mars emphasize the importance of the team’s success to the local economy and community spirit in Lexington.

By Samantha Johnson

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