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Local News: Bird Fossil Discoveries Unveiled in Science Lecture

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 9, 2024
Local News: Bird Fossil Discoveries Unveiled in Science Lecture

The Sheridan College Science Museum lecture series will be featuring a special presentation titled “Fossil Birds of Wyoming” by Jean-Pierre Cavigelli. The lecture is free and open to the public and will be held on March 13 at 7 p.m. in room 201 at the Mars Agriculture Center at Sheridan College. During this presentation, Cavigelli will discuss the various bird fossils that have been found in Wyoming.

Cavigelli noted that while fossil deposits of mammals, dinosaurs, and fish are more commonly found, Wyoming has also produced a significant number of bird fossils. These fossils have played a crucial role in understanding the evolution of birds. The lecture will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of Wyoming’s avian fossil record, showcasing the important discoveries made in the state.

In addition to being a presenter, Cavigelli is the collections manager at the Tate Geological Museum and also serves as the prep lab manager and field trip organizer at Casper College. He has prior experience as a collections manager at the University of Wyoming and has been involved in paleontological expeditions to various regions including Mongolia, Niger, Tanzania, and Alaska. Attendees can expect an informative and engaging presentation from Cavigelli that sheds light on the fascinating world of bird fossils found in Wyoming.

By Samantha Johnson

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