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Looking to make big money fast? Business influencers offer some new, terrible advice | Arwa Mahdawi

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 20, 2024
Looking to make big money fast? Business influencers offer some new, terrible advice | Arwa Mahdawi

If you missed out on the bitcoin craze for getting rich quick, don’t worry – TikTok’s personal finance influencers have a new money-making scheme for you called the Young Indian Method (Yim). The viral concept involves setting up a business providing services like video editing or graphic design and outsourcing the work to India or another location with inexpensive labor. This way, you can make massive profits off the backs of exploited workers.

Before you get too excited, it’s important to note that not every Yim advocate is serious about the idea. The concept was originally coined by an influencer as a joke, to poke fun at American startup entrepreneurs who boast about maximizing profits by underpaying overseas workers. While the Yim may have initially been a joke, many social media influencers are now trying to profit by selling guides on how to make money through this method.

Unfortunately, the reality is that satire and serious business advice can be hard to distinguish on social media. Recently, a technology news site purchased one of these Yim guides and discovered it contained dehumanizing language and questionable ethics. The guide suggested firing Indian workers who are slacking or offering poor quality work, comparing them to easily replaceable soldiers.

The Yim is just one example of questionable business advice circulating online. Self-proclaimed “finance gurus” on social media often promote dubious get-rich-quick schemes, sometimes even fraudulent ones. Real estate was previously a popular topic among these influencers, but now artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest trend, promising wealth by having ChatGPT do all the work for you.

It’s easy to criticize those who fall for these scams, but it’s important to recognize why they have such a captive audience. In a world where cheaters seem to prosper, the notion that hard work and ethics lead to success can be a tough sell.

By Samantha Johnson

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