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Lower quality of life associated with exposure to new workplace technologies

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 18, 2024
Lower quality of life associated with exposure to new workplace technologies

The concerns around integrating new technologies securely and effectively within an organization can keep IT workers up at night, especially when upper management wants to use products or services in an insecure manner. This often leads to IT or cybersecurity personnel being blamed when breaches or data losses occur.

Conversely, workers reported an improved quality of life when using established information and communication technologies like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and messaging tools. The study found that frequent interaction with these digital devices correlated positively with quality of life, while the use of newer workplace technologies had a negative correlation.

According to Ryan Smith, founder of the tech firm QFunction, the challenge for IT workers is staying updated on the latest tech trends and quickly learning and implementing them at work. The constant influx of new technologies requires IT professionals to adapt quickly, which can be exhausting, especially considering the uncertainty around technologies like AI and machine learning.

Dean Newton, a general partner at Relevance Ventures, stressed that the most significant impact of new technology is the increased time demands it places on IT workers. This pressure to keep up with the latest trends in order to remain employable can negatively affect the quality of life for IT professionals.

By Samantha Johnson

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