• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

L&T Technology Services joins forces with NVIDIA to revolutionize medical imaging through AI, resulting in remarkable advancements


Nov 20, 2023

NVIDIA has announced a partnership with L&T Technology Services to develop software-defined architectures for medical devices focused on endoscopy. The collaboration aims to enhance the image quality and scalability of products within the medical industry.

The architecture is designed to be a scalable platform capable of supporting multiple applications, providing real-time decision-making capabilities. This addresses industry-wide challenges such as availability, cost, and dependencies associated with custom and proprietary hardware components. L&T Technology Services highlighted the architecture’s image processing pipeline, which includes features for noise reduction, edge and contrast improvement, texture and color enrichment, and speckle correction.

Furthermore, the partnership includes the development of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning models to detect, identify, and classify polyps, which are abnormal growths often found during colonoscopies. The solution aims to provide low-latency data transfer and superior image processing without performance bottlenecks, enhancing the overall experience for customers.

In October, Amit Chadha revealed that L&T Technology Services plans to recruit 2000 freshers this year. Over 1000 new hires have already been onboarded, with the remaining set to join in the upcoming quarters. Financially speaking, in the September quarter of FY24, L&T Technology Services reported a 1.4% sequential increase in net profit and a 3.7% rise in revenue on a sequential basis. At the time of writing this article

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