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M6 Group Secures Exclusive FIFA World Cup Rights: A Triumphant Step Towards Sports Broadcasting Dominance in France

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
FIFA 2026 and FIFA 2030 – A Look into the Future

M6 Group has secured exclusive free-to-air rights from FIFA for the majority of matches in two major world football competitions. The first is the FIFA World Cup 2026 taking place in the USA, Canada, and Mexico from June to July 2026. The second is the FIFA World Cup 2030 set to be held in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco to mark the competition’s first centenary, with the first three matches in South America.

The French broadcaster has already been a broadcaster of UEFA Euro 2024, the Europa League until June 2024, the Champions League Final from 2025 to 2027, and matches for the French women’s football team until 2027. With this new agreement, M6 Group strengthens its offering of free sports events and solidifies its position as a major sports broadcaster in France.

Nicolas de Tavernost expressed his delight at the historical agreement and the opportunity to broadcast these legendary competitions on M6 Group’s channels. David Larramendy emphasized the group’s commitment to developing and attracting large audiences to its channels in order to maintain its leadership position in France. Romy Gai also highlighted the significance of this partnership with M6 Group in making these main matches accessible to French viewers.

M6 Group is excited about supporting French football through their channels and streaming platform M6+. This long-term partnership with FIFA and acquisition of exclusive rights to FIFA World Cup matches demonstrate their dedication to sports broadcasting and providing quality programming for audiences in France.

By Samantha Johnson

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