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Managing Consent Settings on AMP Pages: Ensuring Privacy and Personalization in Internet Browsing

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
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When browsing lightweight mobile pages built using Google AMP technology, users have the ability to control their data preferences through managing consent settings. These settings are specific to AMP pages and may need to be adjusted when visiting non-AMP BBC pages.

It’s important to note that strictly necessary data collection is used on web pages to store limited information on a user’s device without their consent in order to function properly. This essential data collection helps improve the user experience and is necessary for web page functionality.

When users consent to data collection on AMP pages, they allow personalized ads to be displayed to them, even outside of the UK. This personalized advertising is done in collaboration with BBC and their advertising partners, providing relevant ads to users. However, users can reject data collection and continue browsing but will still see non-personalized ads. The settings for data collection can be changed at any time by clicking on “Ad Choices / Do not sell my info” in the footer of the page.

In conclusion, managing consent settings on AMP pages is crucial for users to control their data preferences and ensure a personalized browsing experience. By understanding and adjusting these settings, users can browse the internet with more control over their data privacy.

By Samantha Johnson

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