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Manasquan High School Basketball Playoff Controversy: Officials Disallow What Should Have Been Winning Shot for Griffin Linstra

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Controversial Conclusion in New Jersey State Playoff Game Caught on Camera

In the high school playoff game between Camden and Manasquan in New Jersey, social media was buzzing with controversy over an official’s call. The officials disallowed what looked like the winning basket for Manasquan, leaving many to question the fairness of the decision.

Junior forward Griffin Linstra of Manasquan appeared to have scored a last-second basket that would have secured the win for his team, but the shot was waved off by the officials. In the final seconds of the game, Linstra grabbed a rebound and put up a shot that left his fingertips right before the buzzer sounded. Despite initial celebrations from Manasquan, the officials reviewed the play and ultimately ruled it invalid, giving Camden the victory.

The game took place at Central Regional High School in Bayville, New Jersey and video of the disputed play was shared on social media by Jersey Sports Zone. This post generated widespread attention and discussion online, with many arguing that Linstra’s shot should have counted. Despite their disappointment, Manasquan will not be able to move on to compete in any further state finals. Instead, Camden will advance to compete in Group 2 state finals as one of New Jersey’s top programs.

By Samantha Johnson

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