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Maria Sharapova’s Shocking Revelation: How a Former Tennis Champion’s Drug Test Failure Changed the Game

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Maria Sharapova’s failed drugs test shocks the tennis world on this day in 2016

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On this day in 2016, Maria Sharapova made headlines when she revealed that she had failed a drugs test. The former world number one and five-time grand slam champion announced that she had tested positive for meldonium at the Australian Open. Sharapova explained that she had been taking the substance since 2006 for an irregular heartbeat and a history of diabetes in her family. She claimed that she was unaware that the medicine had been added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list at the start of 2016.

Sharapova, who was 28 at the time, was provisionally suspended from March 12, with Nike pausing their sponsorship until the investigation was complete. In a press conference held at a hotel in Los Angeles, Sharapova took full responsibility for the failed test, expressing disappointment in herself for letting down her fans and the sport she loved. She expressed hope for another chance to continue playing the game she had dedicated her life to.

Initially banned for two years, Sharapova’s suspension was reduced to 15 months on appeal. The former Wimbledon champion returned to competitive tennis in April 2017 before retiring from the sport in February 2020.

By Samantha Johnson

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