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Mary Graham Brings Business Development Expertise to Mississippi Small Business Development Center as New Director

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Graham appointed director of MSU’s Mississippi Small Business Development Center

Mary Graham, with her strong background in business development and commitment to fostering small business growth, has been appointed as the new center director at Mississippi State University in partnership with the Mississippi Small Business Development Center. Coming from a background in commercial lending, Graham is excited about the new opportunity to work with the Mississippi Small Business Development Center team and is honored to be a part of empowering small businesses in the state.

Sharon Nichols, the Mississippi SBDC’s state director, is thrilled to have Graham on board. Nichols believes that Graham’s leadership will significantly contribute to the success and growth of the businesses served by the center. With Graham’s leadership, the Mississippi SBDC will continue to have a positive impact on local economies and support the overall success of small businesses throughout the state.

Dean Scott Grawe of Mississippi State University’s College of Business expressed confidence in Graham’s abilities, emphasizing the importance of connecting business owners with the resources they need for success. The Mississippi Small Business Development Center is crucial in providing resources, training, and guidance to entrepreneurs and small businesses. With Mary Graham leading the way, the center’s impact on local economies is expected to grow, further supporting the success of small businesses in Mississippi.

By Samantha Johnson

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