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Maryland Department of Transportation Receives $1.2 Million Grant to Enhance Traffic Signal Technology

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 22, 2024
Maryland Department of Transportation Receives $1.2 Million Grant to Enhance Traffic Signal Technology

The Maryland Department of Transportation has been awarded a $1.2 million federal grant to improve traffic signal technology. This grant will help install cloud-based signals at 90 different intersections on four different bus lines in Baltimore City. The project is centered on 28 intersections along York Road and Greenmount Avenue (CityLink Red), 19 intersections along Loch Raven Boulevard (CityLink Green), 26 intersections along Belair Road (CityLink Brown), and 17 intersections along Liberty Heights Avenue (CityLink Lime).

The Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) improves on-time performance and reliability by reducing the time buses wait at traffic signals, either by holding green lights longer or shortening red lights. Maryland Transit Administrator Holly Arnold stated that “the implementation of transit signal priority technology has been a great benefit to our riders by reducing commute times and increasing the reliability of the bus system.” The Maryland Transit Administration’s local bus fleet currently uses GPS-based transit signal priority technology, but the addition of cloud-based technology is expected to bring added time savings for customers.

The agency will coordinate with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation to deploy and test the new cloud-based technology along targeted bus route corridors within Baltimore City. These corridors provide high-frequency bus service to connect passengers across northern and central neighborhoods in Baltimore. The cloud-based TSP technology communicates with buses in shorter time intervals and is expected to significantly reduce maintenance and operational costs over the long term, leading to a more efficient and reliable bus service for customers.

By Samantha Johnson

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