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May 1 event to address risks of technology for kids with free admission

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
May 1 event to address risks of technology for kids with free admission

Polk Vision, along with the Polk County Commission and the county’s Health and Human Services Division, will be hosting an all-day event called “Conversations in Behavioral Health: Navigating the Digital Age” on May 1 at the Polk State College Center for Public Safety in Winter Haven. The event aims to educate parents and professionals about the challenges and risks associated with growing up surrounded by technology.

The keynote speaker for the event will be Dr. Lisa Strohman, a specialist in technology wellness and behavioral health. Dr. Strohman, co-author of “Digital Distress: Growing Up Online,” will discuss the importance of raising responsible digital citizens and provide tips on maintaining a healthy technology balance for children.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd will address the audience with a presentation titled “Digital Danger: Parental Awareness Required,” while Polk County Public Schools Superintendent Frederick Heid will speak about “Social Media’s Impact on Adverse Childhood Experiences,” highlighting how the digital world influences children’s relationships and mental health.

Other featured speakers will include Dana Chandler, co-author of “Digital Distress: Growing Up Online Companion Workbook,” and Amanda Wilson, author of “You Can SOAR: From Trauma & Grief to Triumph & Glory.” Online registration is mandatory for the event, and early sign-up is recommended due to limited space. Register at https://polkvision.com/conversations-in-behavioral-health-navigating-the-digital-age/

For more details or inquiries, visit polkvision.com or reach out to Tara Watson at 863-289-1857 or tara@polkvision.com.

By Samantha Johnson

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