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Mexico’s Avocado Dominance Continues in US Market, Leaving Latin American Competitors Behind


Feb 10, 2024
Mexico dominates the US avocado supply market

Avocado exports to the US have been on a steady rise since 2010, with Mexico being the dominant supplier. However, in 2022, several countries in Latin America, including Peru, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Chile, began to gain market share in this lucrative industry. Despite their efforts, these countries failed to maintain their momentum in 2023.

In recent years, Mexico has held a significant share of the US avocado market. According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Mexican exporters accounted for 84% of all avocado imports into the US in 2023. The remaining 16% came from other Latin American countries such as Peru, Colombia, and Chile.

Despite their growing presence in the market, these countries were unable to match Mexico’s exports in quantity or quality. In fact, according to USDA figures released in 2023, Mexico imported one million tons of avocados into the US alone. On the other hand, Peru’s exports fell by 39%, while those of Colombia and Chile decreased by an even larger percentage.

The only country that managed to increase its exports was the Dominican Republic from 37 tons in 2022 to 44 tons in 2023. Meanwhile New Zealand and Mongolia also sold small quantities of avocados to the US but not enough to make a significant impact on the market.

According to data from the USDA, avocado imports into the US reached a value of $2.98 billion dollars in 2023 with Mexico retaining over $91 percent of this total revenue through its hegemony over the market.

In conclusion, despite some successes by other Latin American countries

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