• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

MMA Stars React to Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory: Nate Diaz and Others Share Their Thoughts on Overtime Game


Feb 12, 2024
MMA Fans Question Lack of UFC 300 Main Event Announcement Amid Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win

On Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs won their second Super Bowl title in a row by defeating the San Francisco 49ers 22-19 in an overtime game for the ages. Patrick Mahomes, who led the Chiefs to victory with his impressive performance, was hailed as a hero by many in the MMA community.

The game was watched closely by several prominent figures from the MMA world, including Nate Diaz, who expressed his disappointment that his fellow California’s fell just short of winning. Other fighters also weighed in on the outcome of the game, with some expressing their displeasure and others offering words of support for the victorious team.

While some fighters were upset about the outcome of the game, others were more focused on other events happening in the MMA world. One fighter, Brian Boom Kelleher, even made a joke about a rumored UFC 300 main event fight announcement that did not come to fruition.

Overall, it was an exciting night for football and MMA fans alike as they watched one of the biggest games of the year unfold.

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