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More flight cancellations anticipated at AUA

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 9, 2024
More flight cancellations anticipated at AUA

Yesterday, the AUA had to cancel 150 flights due to a postponed operations meeting of the flying staff. There will likely be more cancellations next Thursday, as the works meeting is now scheduled to take place. On that day, there are 304 flights scheduled, which would mean transporting 31,000 passengers. It is still unclear how many flights will be canceled and how many can be compensated for by redeployments and rebookings.

The AUA spokeswoman stated that the airline is working to inform passengers as early as possible and to minimize flight disruptions. The cancellations on Friday affected 12,800 passengers and resulted in 4 million euros in damages for the AUA. The airline considers the works meeting to be illegal and is taking legal action against it due to stalled collective agreement negotiations.

At the German AUA parent Lufthansa, the ground staff’s warning strike will continue until tomorrow. The Verdi union has called for industrial action at Hamburg’s Helmut Schmidt Airport. Passengers are advised to contact the airline for information on cancellations and rebooking options. So far, the effects in Austria have been minimal, with flights to and from Germany operating as scheduled.

The collective agreement negotiations between AUA and on-board staff involve a significant disparity in salary increase proposals. The employer offers a 4.5 percent increase, while the union demands a 30 percent raise, along with additional benefits. The ongoing strike action and negotiations are causing disruptions for passengers and airlines alike.

By Samantha Johnson

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