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More than 1,200 students participated in the Texas Science and Engineering Fair

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 24, 2024
More than 1,200 students participated in the Texas Science and Engineering Fair

The Texas Science and Engineering Fair, held in College Station, featured over 1,200 6th – 12th grade students competing in various projects. Among the participants were four students from College Station ISD: Evelyn Nolan, Mallory Zumwalt, Samikshya Mahapatra, and Samita Shankar. KBTX had the opportunity to speak with Mahapatra and Nolan about their projects at the fair.

Mahapatra, a junior at College Station High School, worked on developing a low-cost pet scanner for her project. She expressed how participating in the fair was preparing her for life after graduation. Nolan, a student at A&M Consolidated High School, conducted research on finding a deterrent to protect livestock from predators. She shared how her experience at the fair has sparked her interest in STEM and research.

The fair was hosted at the Student Recreation Center on Texas A&M University’s campus, marking the university’s 6th year as the permanent home for the Texas Science and Engineering Fair. Shelly Tornquist, the director of Spark PK-12 Engineering Education Outreach, emphasized the importance of the fair in allowing students to develop professional skills and experience Texas A&M’s hospitality.

The Texas Science and Engineering Fair is a state competition where students have the opportunity to advance to the International Science and Engineering Fair in May. In addition to the main competition, Category and Special Awards are also presented at the fair. The event showcases the talent and innovation of students in the field of science and engineering, providing them with a platform to share their ideas and learn from others.

By Samantha Johnson

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