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NBC Sports reports on the Jets revealing their fresh new uniforms.

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 16, 2024
NBC Sports reports on the Jets revealing their fresh new uniforms.

The Jets began their offseason program on Monday and also revealed the new uniforms they will be wearing this season. Team owner Woody Johnson announced on Super Bowl Sunday that the team would be changing their look for the upcoming year. The team shared the new uniforms, known as the “Legacy Collection,” on their website. These uniforms are a throwback to what the team wore during the 1980s and were briefly worn during a couple of games in the 2023 season.

Johnson stated, “We work for the fans,” in response to the team’s decision to return to their roots. The fans have consistently asked for a return to the classic look of the New York Jets, and the team listened. The new uniforms are designed to maintain the Jets’ identity while updating the club’s logo, which is considered the team’s most recognizable mark by fans.

During the 1980s, the Jets only had green and white uniforms, but this season they are adding a black uniform and a black alternate helmet to their collection. This new look is meant to honor the team’s history while also giving them a fresh and updated appearance for the upcoming season.

By Samantha Johnson

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