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Negotiations between Aetna and Dignity Health for new contract end in failure

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
Negotiations between Aetna and Dignity Health for new contract end in failure

Aetna has announced that most Dignity Health facilities and providers in California are no longer part of their health insurance network. The two organizations have been in negotiations for a new contract but have not yet reached an agreement, resulting in the expiration of the current contract. Dignity Health expressed their commitment to their patients and their dedication to providing high-quality healthcare, despite the lack of a new agreement at this time.

In response to the situation, Aetna emphasized the importance of negotiating fair reimbursement rates to keep member costs low and ensure access to quality care. They are working towards reaching a new contract with Dignity Health that benefits their members, although an agreement has not been reached yet.

Aetna is advising its members to contact the number on the back of their membership card for any questions or assistance with transitioning their care to an in-network provider. It is important for Aetna members affected by this change to be aware of their options and seek help as needed during this transition period.

By Samantha Johnson

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