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Neste averts strike disaster as Porvoon refinery continues operations

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 9, 2024
Neste averts strike disaster as Porvoon refinery continues operations

Agreeing on protective work allows for the safe operation of the Porvoon refinery during the upcoming strike, initiated by trade unions, but does not ensure uninterrupted fuel distribution. Neste, a fuel manufacturer, has confirmed that it will be able to maintain operations at the Porvoon refinery during the two-week strike through an agreement with relevant associations and unions.

The protective work agreement ensures that Neste can continue production in Porvoo without interruption. However, they cannot guarantee seamless fuel distribution during this period due to potential challenges in raw material deliveries and product stocking. Although Neste may have to reduce production for a few days following the start of the strike, they aim to avoid a complete shutdown due to the risks associated with quickly shutting down operations.

The strike notice issued by AKT affects Neste’s terminals in various locations, and the potential shutdown of the Porvoon refinery during the strike would be inconvenient as Neste has planned a significant shutdown for maintenance purposes in the following months. This maintenance is crucial for the efficient functioning of the refinery and involves inspections, maintenance, and improvements that cannot be carried out while the facility is operational.

Neste’s Porvoon refinery plays a vital role in producing a wide range of end products from both crude oil and renewable sources. In line with their sustainability goals, Neste has decided to gradually transition the oil refinery into a leading facility for renewable and circular economy solutions. This transformation reflects the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and innovative practices in the energy sector.

By Samantha Johnson

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