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New Chief Heat Officer Dr. Eugene Livar Vows to Tackle Arizona’s Extreme Heat Challenges

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
ADHS’s new chief heat officer: What we’ve learned

Governor Katie Hobbs has appointed Dr. Eugene Livar as the first-ever statewide Chief Heat Officer to address extreme heat issues in Arizona. This new position was created under Governor Hobbs’ Extreme Heat Preparedness Plan, which is a critical initiative for the state. The Chief Heat Officer will coordinate efforts between agencies on shelter, energy, health, and disaster response to mitigate the impacts of extreme heat.

The record-breaking heat wave that hit the Phoenix metropolitan area last year highlighted the importance of addressing extreme heat in Arizona. In 2023, Maricopa County reported over 600 confirmed or heat-related deaths, surpassing the numbers from the previous year. The Valley experienced a heat wave with daytime temperatures exceeding 110 degrees for most of July, making it the hottest month on record globally. Phoenix also broke a record with 16 consecutive days of overnight lows above 90 degrees, posing challenges for residents to cool off.

Dr. Livar expressed his enthusiasm for taking on this important role to enhance Arizona’s preparedness for upcoming heat seasons and beyond. The Hobbs administration plans to expand support for statewide cooling centers by adding new locations and utilizing solar-powered mobile cooling units. This initiative aims to provide relief to residents during extreme heat events and ensure their safety.

The creation of this position is an important step towards addressing one of the critical initiatives identified by Governor Hobbs – extreme heat preparedness in Arizona. ADHS will work closely with Maren Mahoney, Director of Resiliency at Governor’s Office of Resiliency, to tackle this complex problem head-on.

Extreme heat is a significant public health concern that affects millions worldwide each year. It can lead to dehydration, hyperthermia, and even death if not taken seriously. By appointing Dr. Livar as the state’s Chief Heat Officer, Governor Hobbs has demonstrated her commitment to ensuring that residents are protected from these risks.

As we move forward into future seasons, it is crucial that we continue working together as a community to address extreme heat issues in Arizona effectively.

In conclusion, Dr. Eugene Livar’s appointment as Arizona’s first-ever statewide Chief Heat Officer marks an essential step towards enhancing our preparedness for upcoming heat seasons and beyond

By Samantha Johnson

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