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New Features Added to Portable VR Perimeter by Virtual Vision Health

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
New Features Added to Portable VR Perimeter by Virtual Vision Health

Virtual Vision Health has introduced new features to its Virtual Eye Pro headset. At Vision Expo East, a company executive shared that the headset now includes pupillography, color vision testing, and live eye streaming capabilities. Bill Shields, the global vice president of sales at Virtual Vision Health, explained that the Virtual Eye Pro is a portable, cloud-based virtual reality headset primarily designed for standard automated perimetry.

The three new features aim to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of the headset. Pupillography measures pupil constriction to aid in the diagnosis of various eye diseases, while the partnership with Waggoner Diagnostics brings extended color vision testing to the headset. Live eye streaming enables technicians to monitor patients’ eyes during visual field tests, providing real-time feedback on eye movements and reactions.

Shields also mentioned that Virtual Vision Health is actively working on developing additional modalities to further improve the versatility of the technology. The company is dedicated to advancing the capabilities of Virtual Eye Pro to provide comprehensive eye health assessments in a portable and convenient manner.

Published by Healio, the news about Virtual Vision Health’s latest updates showcases the company’s commitment to innovation in the field of vision health technology.

By Samantha Johnson

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