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New Frontiers for White House Race as Super Tuesday Results Reshape Landscape

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Extra Time: Super Tuesday propels historic rematch; addressing medical debt and health care issues

The recent Super Tuesday results have brought a significant shift to the race for the White House. Nikki Haley has suspended her campaign after only winning one out of 16 states, leaving the current and former presidents to battle it out. Despite this development, both President Biden and Donald Trump face challenges leading up to Election Day.

In Washington, D.C., ABC News’ Perry Russom is reporting live with the latest updates on the political landscape. Political analyst Hank Sheinkopf also joins the discussion to provide insights on the road to the 2024 Presidential Election.

Meanwhile, in Downtown Brooklyn, N.J. Burkett is reporting on a plan by the NYPD to increase patrols on the subway in an effort to combat rising crime rates. Governor Kathy Hochul has announced that the state will offer assistance in implementing this plan.

A recent study conducted by the American Cancer Society sheds light on how medical debt affects patients’ health. Dr. Curtis Miyamoto, a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and Associate Director for Clinical Services at Fox Chase Cancer Center, shares his insights on this issue.

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By Samantha Johnson

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