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New Legal Arsenal Takes Aim at Tech Giants: EU’s Digital Markets Act Aims to Revolutionize Competition Law

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
The EU’s bold new law revolutionizes tech industry, setting stage for clashes with giants like Apple

The European Union is taking a stand against the abuse of power and position by the world’s largest digital companies with a new legal arsenal. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) aims to revolutionize competition law and hold tech giants accountable for their behavior online.

The DMA outlines clear rules for companies, such as providing users with more choice in internet browsers and prohibiting favoritism of their own platforms in search results. Companies like Apple must allow users to download alternative app stores and payment apps on their devices. The goal is to prevent anti-competitive practices and create a level playing field in the digital market.

Companies that violate market competition rules can face fines of up to 10% of their global annual turnover, with the possibility of higher fines for repeat offenders. The EU also has the authority to break up companies that continue to abuse their dominant position.

The Commission is committed to ensuring that companies comply with the new rules and will impose severe sanctions on those who fail to do so. The DMA will streamline the process of investigating and penalizing companies that violate competition laws, enabling the EU to act more quickly and effectively. The ultimate goal is to create a fair and competitive digital market that benefits consumers and businesses alike.

By Samantha Johnson

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