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New Regulations Tighten Controls on Adult-Oriented Businesses in Kentucky, Including Drag Shows

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Kentucky Senate unveils revised adult-oriented business bill

The Kentucky Senate has passed legislation that tightens regulations on adult-oriented businesses, including those related to drag shows. GOP Senator Lindsey Tichenor of Smithfield proposed the measure, which was amended on the floor to remove the word “drag” from the definition of adult cabaret. Tichenor clarified that this legislation does not prohibit all drag shows as long as they do not involve sexually explicit conduct, as defined in the bill. He explained that including drag shows in the bill was to avoid singling them out specifically and since it applies to all adult performances.

The bill also addresses adult bookstores, arcades, and video stores in relation to distance limitations from daycare centers and schools. Louisville Democratic Senator David Yates voted against the bill and expressed concerns about potential litigation costs related to First Amendment issues. He emphasized that zoning is a strong tool for local control and communities should have the authority to determine what is best for them through local zoning regulations. Yates believes addressing these issues at the state level could interfere with local control.

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By Samantha Johnson

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