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New UN Working Group Takes Up the Challenge of Securing Information and Communication Technologies in the Digital Age

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Seventh Substantive Session of the Open-ended Working Group on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

In 2020, the General Assembly passed resolution 75/240, establishing a new five-year open-ended working group focused on the security of information and communications technologies from 2021 to 2025. The group’s main objectives include developing rules, norms, and principles of responsible behavior for States, considering State-led initiatives for ensuring security in the use of these technologies, and establishing regular institutional dialogues with a wide range of States under the United Nations’ guidance.

The working group will continue to examine existing and potential threats in the realm of information security, including data security, and explore cooperative measures to prevent and address these threats. It will also analyze how international law applies to States’ use of information and communications technologies, as well as focus on confidence-building and capacity-building measures to enhance security in this field.

Through these efforts, the group aims to promote common understandings among States and strengthen global cybersecurity. The creation of this new working group represents a significant step towards addressing the challenges posed by rapidly evolving information and communication technologies and ensuring that they are used in a responsible manner that promotes peace, security, and prosperity for all nations.

By Samantha Johnson

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