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NewLeaf Symbiotics introduces new biocontrol technology

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 13, 2024
NewLeaf Symbiotics introduces new biocontrol technology

NewLeaf Symbiotics has unveiled TS201, an EPA-registered biocontrol technology designed to combat the threat of Bt-resistant Corn Rootworm (CRW) variants. This new technology aims to repel CRW activity and protect corn roots, offering a new mode of action for rootworm control by leveraging the plant’s own defenses to produce a compound that repels larvae at the root.

The launch of TS201 comes as a response to the increasing pressure on farmers to protect their corn varieties from CRW, particularly as pest variants continue to outlast crop rotation. With the upcoming planting season in mind, NewLeaf Symbiotics is excited to offer a research-proven solution to aid farmers in this ongoing battle.

When applied in the field, TS201 has shown impressive results, such as increased crop retention, higher yields, reduced lodging, and improved root density. Compared to standard root growth, the technology has provided significant benefits, including 9% more fine roots, 16% greater root surface area, and 10% deeper roots. This results in healthier plants with enhanced nutrient and water uptake capabilities, making them less likely to lodge compared to traditional insecticide or traited management practices.

NewLeaf Symbiotics is currently offering TS201 through partnerships with Meristem Crop Performance, Low Mu Tech, and AMVAC. In addition to this new biocontrol technology, the company also provides biostimulant technologies for crops like corn, soybeans, cotton, and peanuts. As growers face unprecedented financial pressures, having a reliable CRW defense plan in place is crucial to ensure optimal yield results in their fields.

By Samantha Johnson

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