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NFL questions validity of ESPN, Fox, and WBD sports streaming partnership without NBC and CBS involved

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 22, 2024
NFL questions validity of ESPN, Fox, and WBD sports streaming partnership without NBC and CBS involved

The upcoming streaming service, set to be launched later in 2024, will feature coverage of NFL games from ESPN and Fox. The platform aims to provide a comprehensive offering for sports fans who do not subscribe to traditional pay-TV services.

Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s chief media and business officer, has expressed doubts about the value of the joint sports streaming service planned by ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros Discovery (WBD). He pointed out that the service will not have access to half of the league’s games. Despite bundling all three companies’ linear and digital services into a single offering, it may not be able to provide a complete NFL viewing experience for fans.

While ESPN, Fox, and WBD control important sports rights in the US, such as the NFL, there are notable omissions from the joint venture. CBS holds the rights to AFC games, NBC broadcasts Sunday Night Football, and Amazon streams Thursday Night Football. Rolapp questioned the value proposition of the service, especially when compared to other options like YouTube TV.

The joint venture recently appointed Pete Distad, a former Apple and Hulu executive, as its chief executive. The service is expected to launch later this year, just in time for the start of the new NFL season. Rolapp’s comments reflect a concern that the service may not deliver the value and comprehensive coverage that sports fans are looking for.

By Samantha Johnson

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