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NFL Slashes Jobs Despite Record Increase in Revenue: A Look at the League’s Recent Buyout Offerings

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Approximately 60 NFL employees opt for voluntary buyout.

As the NFL continues to see an increase in revenue, it is also taking steps to cut costs. Recent reports indicate that approximately 60 out of 200 eligible NFL employees have accepted a voluntary buyout. Many of those who took the offer came from the NFL’s finance division and NFL Films.

While offering buyouts to 200 employees may seem like a significant reduction, it does not necessarily mean that the NFL wants to get rid of all of them. The buyout package is typically based on an employee’s years of experience and age. It is not uncommon for companies to offer buyouts to employees during times of financial challenges, but this is not the case for the NFL.

The deadline for accepting the voluntary buyout coincided with the league announcing a record increase in the salary cap. While there is nothing wrong with businesses looking to be more efficient, it is ironic that the same people who decided to eliminate these jobs initially deemed them necessary. The reductions often occur when companies are facing financial difficulties, which is not something that the NFL has experienced recently.

Despite its financial success, the NFL continues to look for ways to save money. For instance, the league recently moved its in-house studio show, Good Morning Football, from New York to Los Angeles due to available free space in L.A. While this decision helps cut costs, it comes at the expense of uprooting employees and disrupting their lives.

It’s important for others to question why a thriving company would risk lowering employee morale by making such drastic changes. While it may seem like a harsh way to manage a business, ultimately, it’s up to the NFL to operate as they see fit.

By Samantha Johnson

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