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NFL Teams Use Franchise Tags to Lock Up Top Players, Restricting Movement and Market Value

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 5, 2024
Nine tags were affixed in 2024

The NFL has announced that nine potential free agents were tagged by teams in 2024, preventing them from becoming unrestricted free agents. The tag deadline has passed, and the league has revealed the moves made to retain these players and prevent them from signing multi-year deals in the open market.

Eight teams used the franchise tag on players including defensive tackle Justin Madubuike, linebacker Brian Burns, cornerback Jaylon Johnson, receiver Tee Higgins, receiver Michael Pittman Jr., linebacker Josh Allen, cornerback L’Jarius Sneed, and safety Antoine Winfield Jr. The Patriots applied the transition tag to safety Kyle Dugger.

All tags were non-exclusive, allowing other teams to negotiate with the players and sign them to offer sheets. If an offer sheet is signed and not matched, the current team receives two first-round picks as compensation. However, if a player signs with another team and their current team does not match the offer sheet within a certain amount of time, they receive no compensation.

The franchise tag provides tagged players with a one-year compensation package but restricts their movement and prevents them from securing a multi-year deal in free agency. Despite its attempts to portray the franchise tag as an honor for top players who are valued by their teams, it restricts player movement and prevents top players from setting the market value at their positions. This ensures that other veterans do not receive higher salaries based on an increased market value. As such, it’s likely that the NFL will continue to use the franchise tag in order to maintain financial stability in the league while preventing free-agent contracts from becoming chaotic.

By Samantha Johnson

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