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Nikki Haley Breaks Donald Trump’s Streak in Vermont, Adding More Challenges to Her Campaign

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Nikki Haley Emerges Victorious in Vermont Primary, Prevents Trump from Sweeping Super Tuesday

Nikki Haley made a significant impact on Super Tuesday by winning Vermont’s Republican primary, breaking former President Donald Trump’s streak of dominating the contests. Despite Trump’s lead in delegate count, Haley’s win in Vermont added 17 delegates to her total. However, the road to securing the GOP nomination is still challenging as a candidate must obtain a majority of all state delegates.

The former governor of South Carolina’s victory in Vermont has disrupted Trump’s predicted timeline to reach the delegate threshold by March 12. This gives Haley more time to strengthen her campaign strategy before the upcoming state primaries. She has been taking her campaign one state at a time, without making long-term predictions.

While Haley’s victory in Vermont showcases her continuing impact on the race, she still faces an uphill battle to secure the Republican nomination. Trump remains the frontrunner with a considerable lead in delegates. As the campaign progresses, the competition between these two prominent figures in the party is sure to intensify.

By Samantha Johnson

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