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Nikki Haley Suspends Presidential Campaign Following Disappointing Super Tuesday Performance; Trump and Biden React Differently

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Trump Criticizes Nikki Haley and Her Supporters, Encourages Their Endorsement

Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina, officially suspended her presidential campaign on Wednesday morning. The decision came after a disappointing performance on Super Tuesday, where she failed to gain traction among voters. Just hours before making the announcement, former President Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform to criticize Haley and her supporters.

Haley’s decision to suspend her campaign was a surprise to many, as she had been seen as a strong contender in the GOP primary race. Despite not endorsing Trump when dropping out, she wished him well and called on him to win over her supporters. Haley emphasized that it was now his time to earn their votes and take charge of the Republican Party.

In response to Haley’s exit from the presidential race, there were contrasting reactions from Trump and Biden. Biden commended Haley for her courage in running for President and expressed a willingness to welcome her supporters into his campaign. Trump, however, made it clear that he did not want Haley’s supporters and reiterated his belief that they would be better off with him leading the Republican Party forward.

Amidst Biden’s success on Super Tuesday, where he won the majority of contests across the country, there was some backlash against the incumbent president in certain states. Some Democratic primary voters opted for “uncommitted” or “no preference” as a protest against his handling of certain issues, particularly his stance on a permanent cease-fire in Gaza, where he is facing pressure from progressives within the party.

By Samantha Johnson

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