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Online Nursing Summit hosted by Essentia Health Scheduled for April 5 – Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 24, 2024
Online Nursing Summit hosted by Essentia Health Scheduled for April 5 – Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

Essentia Health will host an online nursing summit on April 5th titled, “The Future of Nursing is Now: Innovation and Excellence in Care.” The summit, running from 8:30 a.m. to about 5 p.m., aims to connect nurses so they can share their expertise and experiences, with a focus on new practices in nursing that improve patient care and the profession as a whole. The summit is designed for nurses by nurses, providing an excellent professional development opportunity for attendees, as stated by Jamie Astrup, director of Essentia’s Magnet Program.

Astrup emphasized the importance of discovering new and innovative approaches in nursing care to meet the needs of patients, as well as to advance the profession. By participating in the summit, attendees are encouraged to leave inspired and empowered to lead advancements in the field of nursing. Topics covered in the summit include health and equity advocacy, social determinants of health, well-being, innovation, and leadership, presented by speakers from various hospitals and universities.

The summit will be held virtually via Zoom and is open to all interested participants. To register for the free summit, visit the provided link, where participants will receive a Zoom link upon completion of registration. If you have any news or story ideas to share, you can contact us via email at nancy.vogt@pineandlakes.com or by calling 218-855-5877. Remember to leave a message!

By Samantha Johnson

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