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Over 33% of individuals with chronic illnesses occasionally cease medication use

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 18, 2024
Over 33% of individuals with chronic illnesses occasionally cease medication use

In a recent population survey called the Lääkebarometer 2023, four out of five respondents expressed the importance of being able to seek advice from a pharmacist when purchasing medicine. Despite this, over a third of long-term patients admitted to sometimes neglecting to take their prescribed medication. However, overall, drug users seem to have good conditions for managing their treatment in daily life.

Users of medication still require advice from healthcare professionals or reliable sources of information regarding their medication and treatment. Accessibility to information in an easily understandable form is crucial for the users. The CEO of Fimea, Eija Pelkonen, highlighted the importance of access to medical advice and the role of pharmacists in providing guidance to individuals purchasing medicine.

The survey revealed that medication users are keen on participating in decisions related to their treatment and are proactive in seeking information about their medication. Pharmacies were identified as the most common sources of medical information, followed by doctors and online resources. The respondents also highlighted the importance of receiving advice on potential side effects of medications.

A significant portion of the respondents had a long-term illness and recognized the necessity of their medication. While most patients adhered to their treatment, some admitted to occasionally missing their medication. In terms of accessing medication, respondents expressed satisfaction with the availability and number of pharmacies, but noted occasional challenges in obtaining medication due to closures.

The survey results emphasized the importance of receiving guidance from pharmacists during the purchase of medication. The Medicine Barometer survey is conducted biennially to gauge public perceptions and experiences related to drug treatment. It aims to gather insights on medication use, information seeking behaviors, and adherence to treatment among the population.

By Samantha Johnson

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