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Oyster Bay-East Norwich community unites for Science Night event hosted by Herald Community Newspapers

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
Oyster Bay-East Norwich community unites for Science Night event hosted by Herald Community Newspapers

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School’s Second Grade Science Night was attended by aspiring young scientists from the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District and their family members on Feb. 1. The event took place in the school’s kindergarten wing and featured hands-on science investigations and STEM challenges.

At the beginning of the evening, each second grader was given a lab coat and goggles, as well as a folder with their schedule for the night. The students had the opportunity to color their lab coats while Principal Devra Small and science and technology teacher Regina D’Orio welcomed everyone to the event.

The families were thanked for attending and the team of individuals who helped organize the event were recognized, including District Supervisor of Science K-12 Daniel Moy, teachers and staff running the science stations, and members of the Oyster Bay High School National Science Honor Society who were assisting.

Throughout the night, second graders and their family members participated in five different interactive stations. Activities included exploring the difference between fingerprints, building a teddy bear zipline, testing how many water drops could fit on a coin, designing a hoop glider, and observing what happens when a liquid mixes with a solid. Students utilized their problem-solving skills by making observations and asking questions during each activity.

By Samantha Johnson

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