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Partnership between University of North Dakota and Sanford Announced

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 4, 2024
Partnership between University of North Dakota and Sanford Announced

The University of North Dakota and Sanford Health have announced a partnership that solidifies Sanford Health as the official physician provider for UND student-athletes effective July 1, 2024. This partnership is a commitment to comprehensive healthcare and athletic performance for the student-athletes. UND athletics director Bill Chaves expressed gratitude to procurement services and the committee for their leadership in the selection process of physician services. The partnership with Sanford Health will not only ensure the best care for student-athletes but also cutting-edge research to improve athletic and personal performance.

This collaboration between Sanford Health and UND marks a significant milestone for both entities. By working together, they aim to enhance the health and well-being of student-athletes through the provision of high-quality medical services. Tiffany Lawrence, Sanford Health Fargo president and CEO, expressed excitement about the partnership and the opportunity to serve UND student-athletes. Sanford Health has a history of serving major college sports teams in the upper Midwest and is confident in their ability to benefit the overall health of student-athletes.

Although this partnership is new, Sanford Health has been committed to Grand Forks and surrounding communities for several years. Since opening the Sanford East Grand Forks Clinic in 2000, Sanford Health has continued investing in the region by offering primary care and specialty services. The recent merger with Valley Bone and Joint in 2023 has provided UND student-athletes with access to top orthopedic providers in the area. This network of providers and expertise has paved the way for the partnership with UND and UND athletics. Both entities are eager to collaborate and begin working together to provide excellent healthcare services to student-athletes.

By Samantha Johnson

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