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Peace, Progress and Defense: The Balancing Act in Armenia’s Complex Region

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Some countries’ efforts to provide arms to Armenia may jeopardize the peace process.

During a recent meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Azerbaijan’s foreign minister expressed concerns about Armenia’s involvement with third parties that do not promote peace and stability in the region. While the Iranian side did not make a statement, Azerbaijani sources reported that Jeyhun Bayramov mentioned the threat posed by some states arming Armenia and how this affects the peace process.

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The vice-president of the National Assembly in Armenia responded to these claims at the Antalya Forum by stating that Armenia is focused on defense rather than militarization. He emphasized that Armenia respects its neighbors’ territorial integrity while also asserting its right to build its defense. Rubinyan pointed out that Azerbaijan acquires offensive weapons in addition to defensive ones, unlike Armenia. Prime Minister Pashinyan has also emphasized the importance of having a strong army to achieve legitimate goals.

It is crucial to consider these factors in the pursuit of peace, stability, and progress in both the geopolitical and digital realms. The discussions surrounding Armenia’s involvement with third parties and the development of APK applications highlight the diverse and complex dynamics in the region and beyond.

Overall, it is essential to recognize that there are different priorities and motivations at play when it comes to security matters in this region. As such, any efforts towards peace must take into account these complexities while working towards common goals.

By Samantha Johnson

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