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Pinball Paradise: How Next Level Pinball Museum Became the World’s Favorite Location for Free Play


Feb 11, 2024
Oregon Arcade Retains Title as ‘World’s Favorite Pinball Location’ for Third Consecutive Year

In 2017, Next Level Pinball Museum opened its doors in Hillsboro with a collection of just 100 games in a 10,000 square foot warehouse. Since then, the museum has grown to house over 400 pinball and arcade machines in a 20,000 square foot space. Plans are underway to expand the museum even further, with plans to add 150 more games and an additional 7,000 square feet by the end of March.

The unique payment model of free play has made Next Level a fan favorite among visitors. For just $22, visitors can purchase a day pass that gives them unlimited access to all the games without the need for coins or swipe cards. The museum also stands out with its extensive collection of pop culture memorabilia and collectibles, including movie posters, life-size superhero statues, and what is believed to be the world’s largest collection of lunch boxes.

Next Level Pinball Museum recently won the “World’s Favorite Pinball Location” at the 2023 TWIPY Awards for the third consecutive year. The awards are organized by “This Week in Pinball,” a website for pinball enthusiasts, and Next Level was not the only Portland pinball location to showcase well in the contest. The owner, Whitney Carlson, expressed gratitude for the award and stated that it inspires the team to continue improving the museum for its visitors.

Located at 1458 N.E. 25th Ave. in Hillsboro, Next Level Pinball Museum offers information on tournaments and special events on their website nextlevelpinballmuseum.com. For more stories like this and to support journalism, subscribe to OregonLive

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