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Police Officer Faces Charges for Alleged Misuse of Service Weapon in Dortmund; Five Police Officers Charged with Manslaughter in Incident with Armed Refugee in Germany; Mostbet and Pin Up Casinos Offer Exciting Gaming Experiences to Users


Feb 10, 2024
Another police officer in Dortmund charged for shooting incident

In Dortmund, a police officer from the Nordstadtwache is facing charges for allegedly misusing his service weapon. The inspector is accused of attempted grievous bodily harm and attempted coercion after firing six shots at a fleeing Mercedes on December 25, 2022.

The Mercedes was being driven by a 17-year-old without a driver’s license, with his 18-year-old friend as a passenger. After the police stopped the car, the driver ignored the stop signs, and the officers fired shots at the vehicle. Although no one was injured, several projectiles hit the car, including one that hit the steering wheel.

Investigators from Recklinghausen took over the case and determined that the officer was not in a situation of self-defense that justified the use of a firearm. The lawyer for the driver of the Mercedes emphasized the traumatic impact of the incident, and it remains to be seen whether charges will be accepted by Dortmund Regional Court.

In another part of Germany, five police officers are facing charges for manslaughter following an incident in which an armed refugee was shot by an officer in 2021. This case has sparked debate about police violence against refugees and how it should be addressed.

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