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Portland NCAA Tournament Court Features Unique 3-Point Line Placement

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 31, 2024
Portland NCAA Tournament Court Features Unique 3-Point Line Placement

A discrepancy in the 3-point line distance at Moda Center for the women’s NCAA Tournament in Portland went unnoticed during four games over two days. It was not until the Elite Eight matchup between Texas and N.C. State on Sunday that the issue was brought to light. The coaches of both teams agreed to play the game as scheduled despite the mismatched 3-point lines.

The NCAA issued a statement acknowledging the problem and the decision to proceed with the game. The statement explained that the head coaches were informed of the discrepancy and chose to play on the court as is rather than delay the game to correct the issue. The teams had not mentioned any problems with the court during the Sweet 16 games played on Friday and Saturday.

Before Sunday’s game, Texas coach Vic Schaefer and N.C. State coach Wes Moore were informed that the 3-point line distance was different at each end of the court. The distance between the top of the key and the 3-point line was shorter at one end. NCAA officials measured the distance with a tape measure shortly before tipoff and, after discussions with the coaches and officials, the game proceeded as planned.

The NCAA announced that the court would be corrected before Monday’s Elite Eight game between Southern California and UConn. This incident, while unusual, did not impact the games played before Sunday’s matchup and was resolved before the next game on the court.

By Samantha Johnson

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