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Portugal’s Political Shift and the UK Casino Industry: A Multifaceted Look into the Elections and Gambling

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Portugal faces a shift to the right following embarrassing judicial error and new elections

In October, Portugal’s socialist prime minister, Antonio Costa (PS), was forced to resign due to a near-embarrassing miscarriage of justice. The error in the transcription of a police wiretap report led to his resignation, even though the suspicions were actually related to Economy Minister Antonio Costa Silva, not Prime Minister Costa. Despite this scandal, Costa’s socialist party has been able to recover relatively quickly in the election polls.

The upcoming elections are expected to be a close race between the Socialists (PS) and the right-wing conservative party alliance Democratic Alliance (AD) led by Luis Montenegro. With the shift to the right in Portuguese politics becoming more likely, many young voters are turning to right-wing populists due to dissatisfaction with the major parties’ handling of youth issues such as low salaries, housing shortages, and unemployment. Chega, led by AndrĂ© Ventura, is expected to significantly increase its votes in the upcoming elections.

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By Samantha Johnson

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