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Possible Link between Post-COVID Brain Fog and Blood-Brain Barrier Leaks Identified

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
Possible Link between Post-COVID Brain Fog and Blood-Brain Barrier Leaks Identified

A research group from Ireland has found that post-corona symptoms may be due to a disruption in the functioning of the blood-brain barrier. One common symptom reported after a corona infection is brain fog, which includes symptoms like slowed brain function, fatigue, concentration difficulties, and memory problems. Researchers from Trinity College in Ireland published a study in Nature Neuroscience explaining how these symptoms could be related to the blood-brain barrier.

The blood-brain barrier consists of a protective layer in the brain’s blood vessels that prevents harmful substances from entering the brain tissue from the blood. Blood samples were taken from 76 hospital patients who had corona in the spring of 2020, and 25 controls from before the pandemic. Researchers found that patients with brain fog had a higher level of a marker in their blood that shouldn’t normally be allowed to pass from the brain into the blood, indicating a dysfunction in the blood-brain barrier.

Brain scans also showed signs of blood-brain barrier leakage in patients with brain fog, but not in those without the symptom. While the study was limited by a small sample size, these findings suggest a possible link between blood-brain barrier dysfunction and neurological symptoms post-corona infection.

Professor Matthew Campbell from Trinity College believes that adjusting the functioning of the blood-brain barrier could potentially treat neurological problems associated with post-corona symptoms. However, Professor Claire Steves from King’s College warns against drawing definitive conclusions from this study due to its small sample size. Professor Riitta Lassila from the University of Helsinki also notes that the findings cannot be generalized and that there are currently no methods to repair the blood-brain barrier.

By Samantha Johnson

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