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Potential NFL Teams for J.J. McCarthy

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 5, 2024
Potential NFL Teams for J.J. McCarthy

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz analyzes potential landing spots for Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy in the 2024 NFL Draft. According to Fitz, Washington could be a great fit for McCarthy, as there is a lot of love for him within the organization. With Washington’s GM coming from San Francisco, where they found success with quarterbacks like Jimmy Garoppolo and Brock Purdy, McCarthy’s style of play could align well with what they look for in a QB.

Minnesota is another team that Fitz believes would benefit from having McCarthy on their roster. Known for his cerebral understanding of the game, McCarthy could thrive in an offense like Minnesota’s, where he would have the opportunity to showcase his ability to run the offense and make smart decisions on the field.

On the other hand, Fitz does not see the New York Giants as a good fit for McCarthy. Given his personality and the intense media market in New York, Fitz believes there are better options for McCarthy in terms of both coaching style and market size. Fitz suggests that there are quarterbacks in this draft class who may be better suited for what the Giants’ offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, looks for in a QB.

Overall, Fitz’s analysis offers insights into the potential team fits for J.J. McCarthy in the 2024 NFL Draft, highlighting the importance of finding the right fit both in terms of playing style and team culture.

By Samantha Johnson

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