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Rafik Hariri’s Legacy Continues to Inspire Lebanon 15 Years After His Assassination


Feb 11, 2024
Beirut residents protest on the streets to send a message to Nasrallah

Lebanese citizens gathered in Beirut to pay tribute to Rafik Hariri on the anniversary of his assassination. They held up posters and chanted the name of his son, Saad Hariri, as a show of remembrance and support for the family.

Saad Hariri resigned from his position as Prime Minister due to growing concerns about Iranian involvement in Lebanon and the threat of assassination. In 2022, he announced his retirement from political life, citing Iran’s influence on the country through Hezbollah as one of the reasons for his decision. He also urged his party not to run in the parliamentary elections.

The anniversary of Rafik Hariri’s assassination is an important and emotional day for the people of Lebanon. It serves as a reminder of the impact that his legacy had on the country and the ongoing struggles and challenges that they face. The public display of remembrance and unity in Beirut is a powerful symbol of the lasting impact that Rafik Hariri’s life and legacy has had on Lebanon and its people.

Rafik Hariri was a prominent figure in Lebanese politics who was assassinated in 2005 by a car bombing carried out by Hezbollah. His death led to widespread protests throughout Lebanon and calls for international intervention to bring those responsible to justice.

The legacy of Rafik Hariri continues to be felt in Lebanon today, with many people still mourning his loss and calling for justice for his murder. The anniversary of his death is an important day for Lebanese citizens, serving as a reminder that even after more than 15 years, justice has not been served.

Despite these challenges, however, there is hope for Lebanon’s future. As citizens come together to remember Rafik Hariri’s legacy, they are also working towards building a better future for their country through peaceful means.

In conclusion, it is clear that Rafik Hariri’s death has left a lasting impact on Lebanon’s politics and society. However, it is also inspiring to see how citizens continue to come together in solidarity and work towards creating positive change despite these challenges.

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