• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Rangers Secure World Series Championship and Earn Over $506K in Record Pool Rewards


Nov 21, 2023

The Texas Rangers were ecstatic as they celebrated their first ever World Series title with a parade in Arlington. Major League Baseball received a total pool of $107.8 million from the team’s victory, which is the most in league history. Each full postseason share for the champions was worth $506,263, just slightly less than the record set by the Houston Astros in 2022.

The team split their earnings into 64 full shares, 12.56 partial shares, and $48,000 in cash awards this year. In comparison to the Astros, who divided their pool into 59 full shares, 14.14 partial shares, and $940,000 in cash awards last year.

Other playoff teams received full shares ranging from $173,187 for Houston to $8,336 for Milwaukee this year. The pool includes 60% from the first two games of each Wild Card Series, the first three games of each Division Series, and the first four games of each League Championship Series and World Series.

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